Civil War in America is Already Here

From the desk of the incomparable John D. Myers – –
When we think of war today, we visualize small and large firearms aimed at others, uniformed (or not uniformed) troops storming cities, tanks rumbling across the land, aircraft armed with guided missiles and even drones. As long as the resounding of arms doesn’t ring in our ears, we don’t think about war. But here in 2024 in the United States of America, our fellow countrymen are already at war with each other. It is not yet a war of people shooting at each other, or places being bombed.

The current war is not yet a physical war, but a war of words, wills, ideology, values, beliefs and visions. This war is not new. It began back in 1919 with the establishment of the Communist Party, USA. The early communists got their foothold the same way in the U.S. as they did in other countries, by organizing people into labor unions. Labor unions are not necessarily evil, but those who run them, and their motives are not always in the best interest of the country. Today, few people openly call themselves either Communists or Socialists, but by their actions we know who they are.

In order to accomplish the task of changing the laws and direction of a country, you must first gain political power. That means getting like-minded people elected to public offices. People who do not have a problem passing laws which circumvent the U.S. Constitution and State Constitutions. Much has happened since 1919 to get us to the war in which we find ourselves currently engaged. Nothing happened overnight, but instead over a period of many years. One of the main tactics used in getting people to ignore the U.S. Constitution is to give them something they think they either want or need. They are truly adept at bribing people with their own money. Would you like a retirement plan? We’ll give you the Social Security System. Want free health care? We’ll give you Medicare and Medicaid and when we need more younger suckers, we’ll give you the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare). By the way, those drugs you buy aren’t safe, so we will take over the responsibility to assure they are by creating USFDA. Oh, yes, and it is not safe to go to work, so we’ll take care of that as well by creating OSHA. By the way, those cars you drive are polluting the air and are not safe in a crash, so we are creating the EPA and NHTSA. Among many other things we do on your behalf, the weather is constantly changing, so we have decided it’s because of those evil fossil fuel burning contraptions you drive, so we will force everyone to buy electric cars by destroying the production of oil, coal, and natural gas. Don’t bother to thank us, just keep voting for us. And by the way, whenever we get the chance to appoint another Justice to the Supreme Court, we will always favor those who hate the Constitution as much as we do.

One of the problems with America is that we don’t teach people how to think. Laws cannot give you freedom. Laws can only take freedoms away. If there is no law prohibiting certain actions, we are free to do those things. Bad laws take away the freedom to make your own choices, to decide how your money is spent and even to defend yourself. Now there are necessary laws. There are laws that say you can’t go around killing people for no good reason or taking other people’s property. We can live with those types of laws. But when politicians make laws that violate the Constitution, they give government more power and make individuals irrelevant.

The ongoing war in the U.S. today is being waged for many different reasons, all relating directly or indirectly to our freedoms. Back in 1973 when the liberal majority on the Supreme Court voted in favor of the plaintiff in the case of Roe vs. Wade, it gave the federal government the right to approve abortion in all 50 states. All of the (expletive deleted) women and their partners who wanted to have sex with anyone and everyone without worrying about having to provide for any resulting children were elated. Obviously, they have never heard about contraception. Those of us who care about life and morality were naturally upset. Can you point your finger to that article or amendment in the Constitution that gives the federal government the authority over abortion? And those in favor of abortion for all were obviously upset when last year the High Court overturned the 1973 ruling.

However, abortion rights are a small reason for our nation’s war against itself. Many politicians think we have no right to keep and bear arms. Do you want to live in a country where only the government and its stooges have firearms? Many, while they don’t say it openly, support open borders. If not, they could stop that insanity today. The “science” of climate change is a farce. There are just as many scientists who say there is no evidence that climate change is cause by humans as there are who says there is. However, if the public cannot be convinced that it is caused by humans, they don’t have the excuses to take more of our freedoms and our money. More power for government. Who has the right to decide what your children are taught in our schools? Why should all decisions to hire/elect/select/appoint people be made on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or other superficial identifiers? Ever hear of DEI, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? More liberal B.S. Think financing wars in other countries is more important than securing our own borders? Can you imagine that DEI is more important in our military than physical and mental fitness, toughness, and patriotism? What is the benefit to U.S. citizens to allow millions of unvetted immigrants, many of whom do not speak our language, have no marketable skills and no commitment to our country to cross our border against a promise to show up in court at some date many years in the future? What purpose does it serve to change our voting laws to make it far easier for non-citizens or other unqualified people to vote?

The purpose of all the liberal politicians is to give government more and more power over us. They do not want a government of the people, by the people and for the people. They want fascism, and they want it now. Politicians can’t do it on their own, because we have these things called elections. They must get people to vote for them (dead or alive). How do they do it? Cradle to grave indoctrination. Yes, your kindergarten kids are being taught the benefits of liberal policies and the evil of conservative policies and so are any parents and grandparents who are stupid enough to believe them. There is no shortage of Americans who continue to prop up these evildoers with their votes. So, in essence, they are our enemy, and we are theirs. While it may be difficult for many to swallow the thought of our fellow Americans being our enemies, that is how it is. They want to destroy our way of life. When the Democratic Party run Southern States attempted to secede from the United States, it was over only one issue, and that was slavery. Oh, the excuse-making liberal historians will tell you it was over states’ rights, but the only right they felt was being infringed was their right to keep others enslaved. Today, we have far more issues than they did back when the Civil War began. We have far more at stake than they did.

So why am I calling this a Civil War? Why am I not just calling it a difference of opinions between citizens? A difference of opinions is that you like the Cowboys and I like the Steelers. No amount of cheering or activities on either of our parts will help our teams. We cannot be hurt by the others actions. But those who support those things mentioned above are a threat to our freedoms, safety, and well-being. An influx of millions of possible terrorists into the United States is dangerous to us all. A government that can force you to live under absurd climate change laws to force us to use unreliable wind turbines and solar panels while at the same time destroying the reliable oil, coal and natural gas can do irreparable damage to our country.

The liberal politicians of today want to take your freedoms and force you to live the way they see fit. When the four airplanes struck the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, the terrorists wanted to change our way of life. They despise us. Their dislike for us is no different that our fellow Americans who have the same objective. We are having a Civil War right now, and we are losing.
Wars occur when one group wishes to impose its will on another. If you do not think that is what is currently happening within America, then you should gaze into the mirror and find the imbecile. For those of you who think it is irresponsible to suggest such a thing, I’ll pose this question to you. What do you plan to do to change the outcome they desire?

John D. Myers – Not mincing my words!

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