McCarthy Revenge Tour – Steve Bannon

John Fredericks had Steve Bannon on his show recently. I don’t think he knew exactly what Steve Bannon would say to the question! Take a listen…

John Fredericks:
“What do you think of the Bob Good John McGuire race in Virginia?”

Steve Bannon: 
“I’m 100% for Good.
Although, you know, he didn’t do himself any favors by backing De Santis for so long. That was a bad move.
But Good’s been one of the best guys for budget credit and the other guy is a McCarthy Revenge tour.
That’s McCarthy Revenge Tour 100%. Not even a question about that.
And Good didn’t do himself any favors with backing DeSantis. But you got to put in the calculation of what he’s done in the Freedom Caucus and the way he stood in the breach, and he is still one of the best guys about cutting the budget.
Look, it’s a very imperfect world, but that’s all part of the McCarthy Revenge Tour.”

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