Previous GCRC Newsletter Editions

With the relaunch of the GCRC Newsletter, we don’t want to abandon our previous efforts.
All previous editions of the “Patriot’s Voice” are below!

29th Special Election Edition – November 2023We’re now a quarterly newsletter!
Our new web format newsletter was published March 31st, 2024 just a few minutes shy of 12 midnight.
28th Edition – October 202327th Edition – September 2023
26th Edition – August 202325th Edition – July 2023
24th edition – June 2023 23rd Edition – May 2023
22nd Edition – April 2023 21st Edition – March 2023
20th Edition – February 2023 19th Edition – January 2023

18th Edition – December 202217th Edition – November 2022
16th Edition – October 2022 15th Edition – September 2022
14th Edition – August 202213th Edition – July 2022
12th Edition – June 202211th Edition – May 2022
10th Edition – April 20229th Edition – March 2022
8th Edition – February 20227th Edition – January 2022

6th Edition – December 20215th Edition – November 2021
4th Edition – October 20213rd Edition – September 2021
2nd Edition – August 20211st Edition – July 2021

We welcome submissions on issues and topics of interest to conservative voters. Articles should focus on issues rather than people. Be respectful and keep in mind Reagans 11th commandment:
“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”
Sometimes that’s hard. Sometimes the ill can be stated and discussed cleverly enough to fool (or impress) our reviewers!

But make no mistake – Political opponents and policies are always fair game. Just ask, or read John Myers!

In any event, writers should keep in mind that the mission of the committee is to get and keep good Republicans’ elected. Our newsletter is the public “Patriot’s Voice” of our committee to the internet public.
This newsletter is not a forum for advocacy for a candidate involved in an internal contest vying for nomination or endorsement. (We might just make a strong exception of that for Bob Good however!)
Otherwise it is a forum promoting those candidates that reach such designation and make it to the ballot! Ideally we’d suggest a length of 250-700 words.
Email your submission or questions to

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